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4D | 0.07 | Promade XL Lash Book
4D | 0.07 | Promade XL Lash Book
4D | 0.07 | Promade XL Lash Book
4D | 0.07 | Promade XL Lash Book
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Introducing the 4D Promade XL Lash Book: Revolutionize Your Volume Lash Application!

Prepare to elevate your lash artistry to unprecedented heights with our groundbreaking 4D Promade XL Lash Book, meticulously crafted to deliver extraordinary results that will captivate both you and your clients.

Mixed Tray Sizes for Versatility
Our Mixed Tray Sizes offer an extensive range of lash lengths, ensuring that you have the perfect options to suit every client's preferences and style. Each tray includes a diverse selection of lash sizes, ranging from 8mm to 15mm, providing flexibility to create stunning lash sets tailored to each individual. 

In each box of our 4D Promade XL Lash Book, you'll find:
1 x 8mm 1 x 9mm 2 x 10mm 3 x 11mm 3 x 12m 2 x 13mm 2 x 14mm 1 x 15mm

Key Features:
1. Unmatched Retention: The exceptionally sharp and pointy base of our Promade Book ensures optimal adhesive adherence, resulting in remarkable lash longevity.
2. Feather-light Sensation: Experience unparalleled comfort with its ultra-lightweight design, providing a seamless and comfortable lash-wearing experience.
3. Beginner-Friendly Design: The slightly longer shape of our Promade Book simplifies application, even for lash artists new to the craft.
4. Reliable Fan Integrity: Bid farewell to fans falling apart during application, as our Promade Book enables easy strip removal without compromising fan stability.
5. Premium Quality: Each lash in our Promade Book is meticulously handcrafted from the finest South Korean PBT material, guaranteeing exceptional durability and a luxurious feel.
6. XL Tray for Ample Service: Effortlessly cater to numerous clients, as our Promade Book offers enough lashes to serve up to four individuals.
7. Time-Efficient Results: Achieve an extraordinary volume set in the same time it takes for a classic set, thanks to the unparalleled efficiency of our Promade Book.
8. Generous Quantity: Each Promade Book comes with a staggering 570 fans, providing you with an abundance of lash options to fulfill your creative vision.

Unleash the next level of lash artistry with our 4D Promade XL Lash Book, opening doors to limitless possibilities. Elevate your skills, amplify client satisfaction, and maximize your success today!

Customer Reviews

Based on 59 reviews
Mimi K
My go to supplier

Absolutely love them

Ruby Martin

Xl Lash books have exceeded all my expectations! The mix of sizes in each box is a game-changer for me

Ella White

I can't get over how stunning these lashes are!

Ruby Anderson

These lashes have gained immense popularity! I'm thoroughly impressed with their appearance.

Ivy Bennett

These lashes have become super popular ! I am very impressed with how they look